The Top 5 Most Hilarious April Fool Phone Pranks That Will Make Your Friends Cry

Who doesn’t love a good ole’ prank? We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most hilarious phone pranking services you can use on your friends that will make them cry.


#5 Prank Dial


Prank Dial is a FREE & Token based phone prank service that allows you to send recorded messages that sound like REAL people are calling. The audio quality is great and clear, and it doesn’t sound like any of those generic robo-calls people are used to hearing, which makes it a perfect prank to pull on friends.

The best thing about these pranks are it’s customizeable features that allow you to select things like the persons name and even details about that person like the persons car. This makes it highly unlikely a person would catch on, at least until the end. Just be careful of recording phone calls where it’s not legal to do so! Check your state and local laws.




Who doesn’t love cats? SendCatFacts is funny way to prank your credits by signing them up for random cat facts! This is a credit based service that allows you to send friends random facts about cats. Prices vary from 1$ – 5$ with a variety of texts being sent ( up to 20)


PrankOwl is a recording based phone prank that uses pre-scripted audio to send to your friends. They have free and premium options. We really like PrankOwl’s audio quality, and the jokes are convincing enough to fool just about anyone.


ComedyCalls is very similar to PrankDial, but offers a variety of different options that include holiday pranks, characters and even politics. They also offer FREE and Premium options with a bonus and ability of Spoofing calls!

#1 BLOWUPTHEPHONE.COM takes the #1 spot on our list for being the most ruthless prank site on the internet. This site has a few different features such as a mass texting function that can either send REALLY funny random messages to your friends, or you can create your own custom message.  It’s other feature is the ability to send calls to a friend from 100 different phone lines at an interval you choose.

You can’t get too crazy though. The website won’t allow you to prank the same person again for another 24 hours. The target user also get’s a text message at the end of the prank letting them know they’ve been pranked anonymously, giving them the option to block their phone number.

What do you think of our list?

Leave us a comment below with your favorite prank website!

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